About Us

We are unlike any other lender services company you know. And that′s good news.

We deliver all the services you need – nationwide – but that′s where the similarity ends.

United Lender Services is a unique lender services provider, offering unique value that will help you minimize risk, reduce costs and maintain compliance.


We have a pedigree of security, compliance and customer service.

United Lender Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of USAA Real Estate Company, one of the most respected, highly rated financial services companies in the United States. We provide title, closing and appraisal services that meet the industry′s rigorous compliance, security and service standards. We serve both the USAA membership and the nation′s largest commercial banks and mortgage lenders with the same high level of quality

We provide one-on-one service at a national level.

United Lender Services was founded by a group of experienced lending services executives with a shared vision: to use advanced technology, industry understanding and customer focus to build a better process for delivering superior service to the lending industry. We bring these skills together to form close relationships with our customers based on solutions that are customized to your unique workflow requirements. Our solutions reduce cycle time, minimize risk and ensure compliance. And we are able to deliver this level of boutique-style service in all 50 states in a high-volume environment through our dedicated client service teams.

We do the right thing, because it′s the right thing to do.

From our own experience and from our relationship with USAA, we have inherited corporate values that focus on integrity, honesty, loyalty and service. We are the partner who goes the extra mile to resolve your customers′ issues.

We′re the ones who make compliance the beginning and end of every transaction, because we know that, in today′senvironment, there′s no separation between your responsibility and ours. Compliance. Service. Integrity. The unique value of United Lender Services is something you should get to know.